Ghost Flowers (The Reincarnation)

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This book is a compilation of my late grandmother's poems and my photographs. Though my grandmother passed on nearly twenty five years ago we have recently been able to make a spiritual connection we had never been able to make while she was here. Discovering her poems now in my life has made me realize the influence she had on my young spirit.
  Born Dorothy Evelyn Conant, June 21, 1898 at Lake Pleasant, Montague, Massachusetts. She married Robert Burns Begg, whose great great grandfather was married to the sister of Scottish Poet Laureate Robert Burns.
   Though she lived many places in her life, she returned to Lake Pleasant, where she had grown up, to spend the last thirty years of her life.With her friend Barbara Adams she lived there year round, heating in the harsh New England winters by a wood stove in the kitchen. In its heyday the lake had been a bustling mecca for spiritualists, and my grandmother was a well respected psychometrist. She corresponded with people from all over the world, who continued to correspond with her until her death in 1977.
    A book compiled by her friends, entitled "Ghost Flowers" contained one hundred of her poems. In 1963 her friend Rosalie Pratt typed a half dozen copies of these poems. It was never published; only a few handbound typewritten copies exist among family and friends.
  I have been photographing nature as an amatuer for ten years. In 1999 when I first read my grandmother's poems,, I began to realize that much of what she spoke about was very much the same as what I had  been photographing , although I did not have her poetry in mind . For the purpose of this book I have paired twenty four of  her poems dealing with nature and the seasons  with my photographs. Though she wrote hundreds of poems dealing with all aspects of our connections to the cosmos, I believe these I have chosen best represent the connection we have been able to make.
   My grandmother and I had finally made a spiritual connection even death could not prevent. Though I never realized her influence on my life, it is apparant we loved the same things.
   This book is the fortune I inherited.
                                                                    KD  Talbot 

To learn more about my grandmother and her life at Lake Pleasant click on the link below to read an excerpt from the co-written work of Louise Shattuck and David James entitled "Spirit and Spa". Following the excerpt is a transcript of a recorded interview with my grandmother made October 15th, 1973 by a Hampshire College student doing her thesis on the National Spiritualist Alliance at Lake Pleasant.

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Ghost Flowers "To those who love me and to those I love ."

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