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Trip to Bald Mountain 2443’ Oquossoc, Maine

2 miles

Kevin, Judy and Emma

Overnight the rain became a light dusting of snow. This was certainly OK with me and Emma. I’m not so sure of the others, but they had to admit the snow dust was absolutely beautiful on the brightly colored trees. As we headed out on our way home the trip down through Oquossoc was too much for me and I cajoled Jude into climbing Bald Mountain before we left Rangeley. Although it is not high and is a short hike, only a mile to the summit, it affords commanding views in all directions from the platform tower at the summit. All of Rangeley is laid out at your feet. More than a hill, it seems as though you are on an island, surrounded on all sides by water. It was more overcast this day than the day before, but the intense colors of the hardwood forest we walked through to the summit created their own kind of brilliance, and the reflection of snow made the lack of sunshine a moot point. This weekend was definitely one of my favorites. Nice easy climbs through beautiful natural landscapes, cool temperatures so we didn’t overheat or get eaten alive by bugs, and a touch of snow. In my book this is perfect conditions to be hiking. I have always loved October and this weekend reminded me in a big way why that is so. The ride back down through the Great North Woods and into the White Mountains was outstanding, with many photo opportunities.

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