Shawsheen River / Andover, Massachusetts.

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Shawsheen Wildlife
Beaver- With its natural predators diminished through hunting, and the outlawing of leg hold traps,the beaver has doubled its numbers in Massachusetts in three years.Their work is apparent in all sections of the Shawsheen.
Painted Turtle- These turtles can be found in great numbers.Others such as the box and spotted Turtles(which are endangered) also rely on the wet woodlands found along the Shawsheen.
Bullfrog-Sounding like a forlorn cow, these largest of the local frogs is aptly named. Making their home along the banks of the river, they also exist in great numbers.
River Otter- More benign inhabitants of the river are the playful otters,these young ones are splashing near Stevens St. in Andover.