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Mount Crawford 3119' 1/20/02

2.5 miles 1950' Elevation gain

Davis Path to spur trail

We made this climb on the 20th of January 2002. Arriving in Bartlett on the 19th, we took a ride up through Crawford Notch to Bretton Woods hoping to catch the late afternoon sun as it made alpenglow on the Presidentials. Despite sub-zero temperatures the mountain gods were kind and gave me a few shots. Next morning it was about ten below not counting the wind. We wanted to do something not too long with good views and the innkeeper at Bartlett Inn suggested Mount Crawford. Emma had been in a fight with the neighbors dog a few days before and we didn't realize she had been bitten on the right rear leg until the next day. We immediately took her to the vet, but it was to late to stitch the wound so we just had to keep an eye on it. Well, apparently Emma wasn't going to let this slow her down, as she showed no ill effects on the cold climb. On the Davis Path we begin by crossing the Saco River on the suspension bridge almost directly across from Notchland. The trail rises through the forest and the extreme depth of the snow is apparent on the fallen trees in the woods. The trail quickly brings us up to where we can get a look around. Carrigain and the Willey Range are to our west and the sun shining on their snow covered peaks is stunning (or maybe it's the wind!). Mount Resolution and Stairs Mountain are to our immediate east, if it weren't so cold we might have gone over by continuing along the Davis Path. Crawford Notch is spread out below us and in these temperatures it is easy to imagine the valley still filled with the ice that carved it eons ago. I toted a campstove and my coffee pot, some bowls and spoons and we had some hot chowder on the summit as we enjoyed the views. The Presidentials were obscured by clouds but the rest of the visible mountains more than made up for it. The next day on the way home we rode back up through Crawford Notch again and headed north on Rte.s 3 and 115 to Jefferson . The very gray and undefined sky made the snowcovered mountains stand out like ghosts.

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