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Trip to Mount Major 1786'

5 Miles 1200’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Dan, Judy and Emma

Hiking in the rain has never really bothered me, as long as it's not particularly cold, and so this hike was still OK even though it rained. The May temps kept it from being completely miserable and it was actually kind of fun. Dan was along with us and shared the soaking with us without complaint as to the weather. The climbing part was another story. As always he did better than he wanted to believe and didn't hold us up, but refused to believe the latter. We climbed by the Boulder Trail, as Dan had not gone this way before and I find it to be more interesting than the others, due simply I suppose o the fact that you do some scrambling over around and through some boulders along the trail. There were no views to be had this day, so we got out of the rain as best we could by getting inside the foundation of the old hut on the summit. We had some quick snacks and headed back down before we got soaked to the point of losing body heat. We managed to get down off the slippery rocks with no mishaps and it turned out to be an allright hike despite the rain.

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