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Mount Martha (Cherry Mountain) 3573'

3.8 Miles 1900' Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

This was our first hike up Mount Martha, better known as Cherry Mountain on this beautiful mid-April day. The weather was warm enough that we didn't need more than long pants and a long sleeve shirt and a pullover for gear, even on the summit. The sun shone brightly, the skies were clear and the Presidential views were magnificent. Climbing from the parking area on Rte. 115 the trail rises 100 feet every tenth of a mile, much the same as many trails on Mount Washington. At 1.7 miles it reaches the other half of the trail that rises from the east side of the mountain. This is basically a road as far as I'm concerned and is obviously used by snowmobiles in the winter. The snow was still deep, but well packed and I climbed in my boots, Jude may have used her cleats, I don't remember, I think we both wore gaiters, but other than that we needed no special gear. We hung around for a while taking in the views, had some lunch then took in the views some more. After that we looked around at the views some more, ate some more and then took in the views again. It was just too perfect to leave. Eventually we reluctantly began the trudge back down to the car, really wishing we could stay, maybe live there.

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