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Trip to Gunstock 2253’ 10/31/01
3 miles

Kevin, Judy and Emma, Dan and Joey

On Halloween we climbed Gunstock Mountain in Gilford. It affords great views of Lake Winnepesaukee and the Ossipee Range on the eastern side. On clear days it is possible to see Mount Washington, we did not have this good fortune on this day. In fact we even had some stray snowflakes hit us as we stood on the summit and on our way down. Clouds threatened all day to produce a real flurry but never did. You can find the trail from the parking lot. It starts on a ski trail then winds into the woods. It winds uphill crossing several ski trails before cresting the ridge and sneaking up to the summit from the southwest. From the summit we followed service roads and ski trails until we found another trail through the woods that led down towards a radio tower on the lower slopes. From there Dan spotted the old ski jump and we decided to go over and check it out. I like skiing but I can’t imagine going off of one of those things. What the hell were the pioneers of that sport thinking? I’m guessing they were drunk and betting each other. Death wish comes to mind. Dan and Joe liked the trip as it is not a killer hike and offers good views.

Trip to Mount Morgan 2220’ 11/1/01

4.2 miles 1450’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

The next day was also climbworthy and my knee felt OK so we were back up again, this time to Mount Morgan. There is still some foliage, though most of it is the quickly fading oaks. It still gives some nice earthy tones which are much nicer to look at than the bare trees of late November. we pretty much were alone on this hike which is unusual for Mount Morgan . Having climbed Gunstock the day before we decided to not include Mount Percival on this trip. the atmospheric conditions were again not great for views but there were still good views of Squam Lake and nearby hills. This was another nice late fall hike. Nice cool air and no bugs, perfect hiking weather.
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