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Trip to Mount Morgan 2200’ and
Mount Percival 2212’ 10/27/02

5.1 miles 1550’ elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

Jude and Emma had just finished visiting each summit on New Hampshire’s list of forty eight 4000 plus foot mountains two weeks previous. We were all ready for some more mountains, but smaller ones with more moderate terrain. Morgan and Percival is a great hike for this situation. It’s a nice moderate climb up to Mount Morgan and just below the summit you have the choice of climbing up ladders and over boulders or taking the easy way around. Both ways lead you up to a granite ledge overlooking Squam Lake to the east and views to the south. The true summit is a short climb to the west of the outlook and offers views northwest to Mount Moosilaukee and north to Sandwich Dome. From here the hike north along the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail is relatively flat with short scrambles over ledge in a mix of hardwoods and evergreen. 8/10ths of a mile along this trail is the summit of Mount Percival which has views equal to those of Mount Morgan. Squam Lake to the east and mountains to the north and west. Mount Percival also offers a more difficult option to the Mount Percival Trail. A short branch trail leads through a series of “caves”. These are little more than tight squeezes between huge boulders and granite cliffs, but they offer an interesting alternative to the easier trail. In shady hollows on the north side of the trail was the remnant of early snow. It was a beautiful, partly cloudy late October day with excellent foliage conditions. A nice peaceful hike which didn’ take a lot of over exertion. This hike would start a long trend for us of climbing smaller mountains in the 2 to 3 thousand foot range. There’s still plenty of good climbing in the White Mountains on hills under 4000 feet and we’ll return to this one many times.
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