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Trip to Nancy Cascades 7/31/02

2.4 Miles 1450’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

After a hot trip to the summits of Mounts Webster and Jackson the day before, Jude was ready for a leisurely stroll through the woods with plenty of down time, preferably beside a nice waterfall in the shade. Emma and I weren’t going to argue. The Nancy Cascades turned out to be a good choice for a destination as the Nancy Pond Trail was near to where we were staying at Dry River Campground in Crawford Notch. Although it was another hot day to be hiking we decided it would be OK as long as we stayed near water. After the first mile or so the Nancy Pond Trail reaches Nancy Brook and follows along for about another mile and a half to Nancy Cascades where water falls from above into a pool at the foot of the cascades. This is where we stopped, had some lunch and dared each other to go in the ice cold water. The trail continues on past Nancy and Norcross Ponds and well into the Pemigewasset Wilderness, but we would save that for another day. The heat eventually forced us into the water, which took our breath away, but sure cooled us off. Emma, exhausted from the heat and in need of some rest after her climb the day before, plunked her head down on a rock and actually acted like a real dog for awhile. Normally she would never rest like this in the woods. I guess she figured we weren’t going anywhere and that suited her fine. After cooling our heels for a few hours there we hiked back out in the heat and humidity. Of course, now we were all hot again. The answer to that was hike the mile or so in from Dry River Campground to our favorite watering hole in the mountains. All I’m saying is it’s along the Dry River. I’m not saying where. If you’ve ever found it you know exactly where I mean, and if you haven’t, keep looking. You’ll be glad you did.
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