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North Sugarloaf 2310’ in the Little River Mountains

1.2 miles 700' Elevation gain

Kevin, Jude and Emma

We had never been here before and we were seeking an easy snowshoe hike. In winter one has to park at the parking area across the road from the entrance to Zealand Road and hike the mile or so in to the trailhead at the bridge just past the Sugaloaf 2 Campgound on Zealand Road. This is easy hiking and dosen't add much time or effort. The views we had this day more than made up for the exertion of hiking in and up to this amazing place. The weather was cooperative with temps about 35 degrees and we spent a good long time on the summit marveling at the wonderful views of the Presidentials and other surrounding mountains that can be obtained from this small hill. We didn't go to Middle Sugarloaf on this trip as we weren't sure about the stairs just below the summit, fearing they would be covered in ice and that Emma or, more likely, we would have difficulty climbing this section. On return trips we found that they wouldn't have been a problem, but it was best to err on the side of caution for our first time there. We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and looked forward to returning.

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