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Trip to Mount Pawtuckaway 1011’

4.5 miles

Kevin, Judy and Emma, Dan, Jane and Paul and Ripleys

Every year we do a New Years Day hike, those of the Landry’s we can coax outside at that time of year, the Ripley’s and Jane and Paul. Emma spends the day trying to herd everybody together and we spend the day going off in different directions to watch her try to herd us. Amazingly there is no snow at all, not even any ice to speak of. We follow the fire road into the woods to the base of North Mountain where a trail climbs up through the rocky outcrops and then winds along the ridge where many views across the woods below appear as we pass in and out of the trees. The trail rises then drops, turns east out to an outcrop then back west into the woods, up over stoney scrambles and then back down into the woods. The ridge stretches along like this for a mile or two, crossing many apparent summits. Finally it comes out to a view to the north where there is some sort of radar device for Pease Airport. The trail descends here and brings us over to the cliffs and boulders that make up the Devil’s Den. Even the most serious rock climbers I’m sure would find some extreme challenges to climbing here. Not very high, but a shear climb. Also, at the base of the cliffs there are dozens of huge boulders for those who prefer to boulder. Further along is the actual “boulder field” where you are sure to find people “bouldering”. There is a main fire road that leads to this area and we use this to head back. Soon we cut back into the woods to our west and a lesser fire road brings us along the base of North Mountain , eventually bringing us back to where we first began our ascent. From here it’s a short walk back along the fire road to our cars. Jude and Emma and I really like this loop and do it several times a year.

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