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Pemigewasset (Indian Head) 2557’ 4/27/02
3.8 miles 1550’ Elevation gain

Jim and Dan Landry, Kevin and Emma

Dan wanted to get Jimmy up a mountain and decided Indian Head would be a good one. It turned out to be a great day. There was still some snow in the woods, but signs of Spring were all around. There was Indian Poke sprouting in the moist soil along the banks of the brook which the trail follows for the first mile or so.The trail climbs moderately before bending north and skirting the cliffs just to their south. From here it then climbs steeply for a short way emptying out of the woods abruptly onto a ledge with a shear drop off, so be forewarned! Dan wasn’t happy at that part of the trail. You sort of have to scoot around a tree with the dropoff on your right, then you step out onto the ledge where you are past the dropoff. From these ledges there are great views south toward Lincoln and Woodstock and west toward the Kinsman’s. We followed the ledges around to the east and then north where there are some nice views of all the mountains of the Franconia Ridge. There is even a filtered view north of the notch formed between Cannon Mountain and Mount Lafayette. There was still quite a bit of snow on the high peaks surronding us. This “mountain” was handled very well by Jimmy who was not a seasoned climber, and he enjoyed this climb very much. This is a very good mountain to get people interested in climbing in the Whites. I highly recommend this climb for beginners to gauge their skill level. It is also a good beginner winter hike as it is not to taxing, can offer some true winter temps to test your gear and it offers great winter views. For experienced hikers it can offer an enjoyable “day off from climbing”. This one is high on the list of great views for little effort.
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