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Mount Potash 2700'

3.8 Miles 1400' Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

This turned out to be a very nice hike. I wasn't quite sure what to expect on this one, I think Jude picked out of the book, perhaps at the suggestion of Steve Smith's snowshoe guide. We didn't have our snowshoes yet so I think we climbed in our cleats. The Downes Brook Trail was packed into where the Mount Potash Trail breaks off to the right. Here the trail was not broken so we began the task of opening it up. The going was easy as the snow wasn't deep, and probably had been packed under the loose powder we were dealing with on top.The trail rises quickly but more gently than many in these mountains, through a beautiful spruce forest, then out to open ledges where there were spectacular views for not having made much effort. Directly to our south and seemingly looming right over us was Mount Passaconaway. We had not seen it from this angle before. There was a good view into a ravine on the noprth side of the mountain. It was nice to see the mountain from a new perspective. To it's southwest was Mount Whiteface and west of this were the Sleepers and the tripyramids, though their heads were in the clouds. To our north snow squalls raced across the mountains and valleys and made mountain identification impossible. To the southeast Mount Chocorua could be seen. The breeze from the north was quite cold but climbing down the ledges a ways got us out of the wind and here the sun was quite warm. This was a very nice hike with great views for minimum effort, and we had a beautiful day to do it.

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