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North Sugarloaf 2310’ and Middle Sugarloaf 2539’ in the Little River Mountains

3.4 Miles 1000’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma, Bob, Denise and Dan

This was the first time we had all hiked with Bob and Denise. Emma and I had previous trips with Bob, but Jude and Denise were not along. We had wanted to introduce these two and Jude's brother Dan to the superb views from these easy little hills, but the weather was not cooperative and the Presidentials remained hidden from view for the entire time we were there. We didn't mind, of course, as any time spent in the mountains is time well spent. It would have been nice if the others could have enjoyed the view, though. This may have instilled the love we have for this place in them, as well. Bob was his usual nutty self, and how Denise still manages to find him amusing is a mystery. Emma took to Denise, but wanted to bite Bob, though she managed to refrain from this with snack bribes from the rest of us. As usual, Dan refused to be photographed, so we have no proof that he was actually there, you'll just have to believe us.

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