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Mount Tremont 3371'

5.6 Miles 2600' Elevation gain

Kevin, Jude, Emma and Dan

In an effort to keep Dan from giving up mountain climbing all together we took him to climb this 3000 footer at the southern end of Crawford Notch. After an initial struggle to find the trailhead due to road construction in the area, we were soon climbing. Along the trail Dan was stung by a bee, reminding him why he hates mountain climbing. There were some nice little waterfalls along Stony Brook at the beginning of the trail. The rest was pretty nondescript, just a nice trail rising through the mostly deciduous forest, eventually turning over to conifers as we kept rising. There are excellent views at the summit after a short scramble. As usual Dan told us to go on ahead and he'd meet us there. after about five minutes he arrived with his usual refusal to believe we hadn't been waiting for over an hour. Here we had some lunch and took in the views, after which I began to name the peaks that we were looking at, and, as usual, Dan told me I could be making up names and pointing to anything and he'd never know the difference. From the southeast to the northwest all in a row could be seen Mounts Passaconaway with Hedgehog and Potash lying at it's feet, Whiteface, East and West Sleeper, The Tripyramids, Mount Kancamagus, Scar Ridge, The Hancocks and Mount Carrigain and Mount Lowell completed the semi circle to our north. Below us was the top of Owl's Cliff and to the right was Sawyer Pond, beyond that is Green's Cliff. A nice hike with awesome views, another notch in our 3000 footer belt. On the way down Dan was talking about getting stung, "It was right about here OWWWWWW!" Stung again! Always the comic. No wonder Joey and Jenny find him so fun to laugh at.

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