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Trip to Welch Mountain 2605’ and Dickey Mountain 2734’ 12/1/02

4.4 miles 1550’ elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

Another great hike under four thousand feet is the Welch-Dickey Loop. On this hike we had some excellent winter conditions without it being too extreme. We actually got pinned down crossing the summit of Mount Welch by wind gusts I’d estimate around fifty mph. With blowing snow and windchill it was cold, but not the deadly cold found above treeline at four thousand plus feet. For some reason we always climb Mount Welch first and cross over to Mount Dickey. On this trip it helped keep us out of the wind as the trail up Mount Welch is exposed to the east and on this day the wind blew at us from west northwest. To our east nothing much beyond Sandwich Dome is visible. To our north only Mount Dickey and Mount Tecumseh are visible. There were many icy spots with difficult footing and traction on the icy slopes is a must here in winter. I forget what we had for traction, if anything, but it seemed what we had was inadequate. The wind hit us when we crested Mount Welch and blew hard as we scooted across the summit and down the north side to the col between Welch and Dickey. Here the trail leads back into the protection of thick spruce as it begins to climb the east face of Mount Percival. The wind again made itself known approaching the summit of Mount Dickey but here, unlike Mount Welch, there is thick forest to duck into. The trail winds along first through snow covered trees then across open granite ledges on its descent from Mount Dickey. Here there are good views into the valley between Welch and Dickey, with Mount Dickey above to the east. To the southwest are views along the Mad River Valley. The climb down is difficult because of the ice but we make it and will know better next time. The wintery weather gave this climb a level of invigoration we probably would not have encountered otherwise. A nice full winter condition hike although technically it was not yet winter.
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