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Mount Carrigain 4700’

10 Miles 3250’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

We spent the previous night camped on the summit of Middle Sugarloaf. It was only my second or third backpacking trip, Jude's first. The night was cold and a steady wind made it colder. The tent flapped in the wind a lot, so needless to say it was a restless night. Now, after packing back out, we were taking on one of the more difficult single mountain hikes on the four thousand footer list. After a cold night we were now facing a warm humid day without much breeze, though through the shade in the woods below and by shear elevation gain we were able to stay relatively cool. It was one of those days in the Whites where there is barely a cloud in the sky, warm temps and not too many bugs. Very near fall like conditions, a good day for hiking, or things may not have gone so well, considering we were going on little sleep. We managed pretty well under the conditions and enjoyed an excellent hike, all considered. This was the first time we were all on Mount Carrigain together. I had done it with Jeannie in September of 2000, Jude had done it with Emma and Dan in August of 2001, on their way to getting their 4000 footer patches, and here we were doing it again because we decided to go back and get all the mountains that Jude, Emma and I had not been on together. Crazy, huh? Well, I haven't had any hikes in the Whites that weren't worth the effort, and this was no exception. The views from Mount Carrigain may be some of the best in all tthe mountains. From Mount Washington to Mount Lafayette and everything in between. Will be glad to get a chance to go back again and would love to do it in winter. Maybe someday soon.

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