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Trip 24 Mount Carrigain 4700’ 9/9/00

10 Miles 3250’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Jeannie and Emma

I am accutely aware now that I only have twelve mountains to go to finish my forty eight, but for some reason Jude is not taking it seriously that she is now past half way in her quest, and still dosen’t consider it a realistic goal. I am also getting serious about getting Emma through all of them, so Judy suggests Jeannie, Emma and I go on this trip “unhindered” by her. OK, but I always want us to be together on these hikes to share the mountains beauty. Anyway, we drive up and Jeannie gets a taste of Emma’s excited in the car lap antics. Luckily we brought a towel for her lap so her legs weren’t completely shredded by dog nails. The trail in is nice and crosses a few brooks with some awesome swimming holes. It’s such a nice day it seems like it takes little effort before we find ourselves up on Signal Ridge, which is open and exposed and offers excellent views. Across Carrigain Notch rise the cliffs of Mount Lowell. They lok very interesting and I would like to make a trip to them someday. Beyond them Tom Field and Willey, and beyond that the southern Presidentials rise up to Washington on the horizon. Crossing the ridge we enter the woods and begin to climb again, eventually coming out into a clearing where stands the steel observation deck on the summit. From atop this there is excellent three hundred and sixty degree views. On the north side of the mountain is the shoulder called Vose Spur, one of the hundred highest summits in New England, but that trip will have to be made another time, as there is no trail and can only be reached by bushwacking and neither Jeannie nor I was up for that. The trip back down was equally as nice with beautiful views in all directions. Where’s Jude when it’s like this? On the way out I couldn’t resist plunking into one of the pools along the trail. I wanted to do it nakey as usual, but I don’t think Jeannie would have stood for that, so I had wet shorts the rest of the day, but it was worth it.
K(37) J(28) E(15)
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