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Trip to Mount Franklin 5001’ 8/1/02
and Mount Monroe 5372’

9.8 Miles 3150’ Elevation gain

As the end of July was extremely hot so was August 1st. We decided to climb although the heat was oppressive. Taking the Edmands Path to it’s terminus with the Crawford Path we began to wonder if it was a good idea to be hiking in this heat as there was not a stirring leaf to be seen in the forest. As we ascended the northern slope of Mount Eisenhower the hope of some air when we broke treeline was all that kept us climbing. Soon we did just that but unfortunately there was no air to be had. With sun beating down and the lack of moving air, the next 2 miles along the Crawford Path was like a hike in the desert. I can’t remember for sure but I think what we did was by-pass the Monroe Loop and stay on the Crawford Path until we reached the Lakes of the Clouds where we did some cooling off. I’m not sure what the temperature was. Somewhere between 75 - 80 I would guess, but the humidity was definitely 100%. Not knowing if it was OK or not I resisted the temptation to jump in one or both of the lakes. I should find this out before I return (in 5 days as I write this I will be returning in an attempt to summit Mount Washington by the Crawford Path. It will be 7/3/05. It has the potential to be a good swimming day). Back to this trip, after cooling down some we then summit Mount Monroe. Finally one for Jude! being her 41st mountain the end is in sight. We descend by the Monroe Loop Trail, passing over Little Monroe before reconnecting with the Crawford Path. A short distance along this and we break off to the south to follow a side path to the unremarkable summit of Mount Franklin which affords some excellent views in all directions, especially into Oakes Gulf and down along the Dry River Valley. The Dry River Valley might as well be Death Valley in this heat. As we get back to where the Edmands Path breaks off to the west and a side trip to Mount Eisenhower would be a hop, skip and a jump, we look at Eisenhower, look at each other and shake our heads as we start down the Edmands Path. Although the views are beautiful this day, what we need now is a cool dip somewhere. The next day we move the camper over to the Basin Campground at the southern end of Evans Notch. Unbelievebly, the heat is worse this day and I can only compare trying to sleep that night in the camper to trying to sleep in a brick oven. we did some local hiking but the attempt to climb didn’t get us to the top of the ridge behind the campground. The next morning brought some slight drop in humidity and clear skies, but of course it was time to head home.
K(71) J(41) E(40)
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