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Trip to Mount Galehead 4024’

10.2 Miles 2450’ Elevation gain

Dan, Kevin, Judy and Emma

Dan needed this mountain on his list of 48 so since we knew the way we agreed to go again as it is one of the easier climbs of the 4000 footers. I pesonally hope to climb them all again and again, I don’t know if Jude shares those sentiments, and I’m sure Dan doesn’t. I think Emma would like to do one everyday. The wildflowers were popping out all over along the trail, the sun was warm and the earth was waking from it’s winter hibernation. Signs were all around us. Although not at their worst yet it was becoming evident the blackflies would soon make the woods unbearable. Hiking in the mountains always has payoffs, if you have wildflowers to look at, you also have blackflies to contend with. If you have beautiful winter views you also have deadly cold. If you have beautiful fall foliage you no doubt will run into crowds, unless you know where to go, usually to the deepest reaches of the forest, another payoff. All right, back to this trip. Only about the last mile to the AMC’s Galehead Hut has any real steepness or degree of difficulty. Your not there yet, though. There is still a half mile or so relatively easy climb to the summit from the hut. there is no real view from the true summit. You can catch a glimpse west to Mount Garfield if you are creative. There is however a spur trail near the summit which leads to an outlook which affords an excellent view back northeast to the hut. The Twins rise above the hut and the western slope of South Twin makes a formidable wall to the southeast of the hut. As your eyes are drawn south you can make out Owl’s Head and Loon Mountain. On this trip we came upon some still packed snow on the north side of the mountain just below the hut. This made the footing a little tricky, but we plodded through it slipping and sliding as Emma blasted up and down it in 4 wheel drive. At the hut we were soon accosted by the winter resident Gray Jays. We offered up nuts and raisins to these toll collectors and made our way on to the summit. The nice thing about hiking this time of year is you don’t meet to many people. Although the hut was open for the season there was no one around, even the caretaker must have been off enjoying the beautiful spring day somewhere in the deep woods. After the first mile the trip back out is really just a nice walk in the woods. another super day in the mountains. I think this made 46 for Dan. All he has left are the Wildcats but he wants to wait until fall and cooler temperatures to tackle them. I want to go then, too!
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