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Trip 28 Mount Galehead 4024’

10.2 Miles 2450’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

We started out the next day to do Mount Cabot, but on the road approaching the Cabot Trail it was posted that it was closed due to a land dispute. Climbing the mountain from a different direction would have required a very long drive around and I was not sure about the route, so we decided to do Mount Galehead instead because we knew exactly where the trailhead was. Taking the Gale River Trail in is a pretty easy hike until the last mile or so where it becomes quite steep and rocky. Like Waumbek the day before it was wicked hot outside and I was hiking in only my shorts. As I said the last mile is a pretty hard scramble up to the Galehead hut, but from there it is an easy half mile to the wooded viewless summit. There is a great view of Mount Garfield to the west and down into the Pemigewasset Wilderness to the south from the hut. Half way up the Frost Trail to the summit is a spur path to a cliff that has a fine view of the valley, South Twin rising above it and Galehead hut nestled in the crook between mountains. At the summit is a cairn, but you can’t even climb it for a view. Unbelievably there is still some small patches of ice and snow in the shady, sheltered spots on the northside of the mountain. The trail back down goes fine and after the first mile it is an easy walk out of the woods along the Gale River. Very nice!
K(42) J(33) E(21)
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