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Trip 19 Mount Garfield 4500’

10 Miles 3000’ Elevation gain

Kevin and Judy
Jeannie and Emma

From the Gale River Loop Road we take the trail in, at first following some brooks, but not gaining much elevation until the last mile or so, where the trail gets a little rougher and steeper. Climbing up now into heavy fog, our visibility is about fifty feet. Following a series of switchbacks we are soon at the summit and are surprised at how little effort it seemed to take. The mist is very heavy and there is no views at all, so we have a quick lunch huddled behind an old concrete foundation on the summit, and soon head back down. There were no views this time, but I vow to come back when there are. Jude advises getting through my forty eight before I start planning return trips. K(33) J(24) E(8)

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