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Trip 2 Mount Liberty 4459’
and Mount Flume 4328’

8.8 miles 3050’ Elevation Gain

Kevin, Dan and Ripleys

We climbed up Liberty Springs Trail to the summit of Liberty. Dan hiked to Mt. Flume while we ate on Liberty. Joan waited on Liberty while Joey, Jenny, Steve and I started along the Franconia Ridge Trail down in the col between mountains, then back up to Mount Flume where we saw Dan between mountains, tagged Flume summit, took some quick pictures and back to Liberty. Steve and Joey climbed up the Franconia Ridge Trail to Little Haystack, then down Falling Waters Trail to Lafayette Place Campground, while Dan Joan, Jenny and I went back down the Liberty Springs Trail. I photographed a grouse on the trail. Great views all day.

Mistakes on this trip.) Although I carried a fanny pack with my own food and water, I stil carried my camera bag instead of a daypack with raingear, etc. I also needed DEET for the blackflies, but didn’t have it. They can make any climb miserable and I was lucky they weren’t worse. K(4) J(2)

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