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Trip 7 Mounts Lincoln 5089’
and Lafayette 5260’ 10/19/98

9.9 miles 3600’ Elevation gain

Kevin and Judy,
Buddy, Lisa,
Pedro, Jeannie, and Dan

Still thinking we’re getting pretty good at this, trying some more 5000 footers. We had an absolutely beautiful fall day to climb. The Falling Waters Trail lived up to its namesake by providing excellent scenery in the way of several waterfalls to enjoy and take the mind off the difficulty of the climb. There was a good stiff wind on the ridge but this time not as cold as the one we had 2 weeks earlier on Webster/Jackson. Was surprised to find such a large foundation on the summit of Lafayette. Also Eagle Lake was a nice surprise near the Greenleaf Hut. The climb down the Old bridle Path from there is not difficult, (although we were very tired at this point), and offers excellent views of the notch, especially the Cannon Cliffs, and the ravines between Lincoln and Lafayette. All in all it was a great climb.

Mistakes this trip.) Unbelievably, I cannot remember any specific mistakes on this trip, but I’m sure I should have carried more clothing in case we got weather on the very exposed ridge. I’m sure more food and water and less camera equipment would have been good, too. So far, despite lugging all my equipment, I have not used my other lenses very much, and could have gotten away with just the camera and my 28-200 zoom lens.
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