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Trip 11 Mount Madison 5366’

8.2 Miles 4100’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy,
Dan, Joan, Joey and Jennifer

Our first mountain climbing camping trip in our new pop-up camper. Camping at Dolly Copp campground we are able to walk out of the camper and straight to the trail. We take the Daniel Webster- Scout Trail to the Osgood Junction and the Osgood trail to the summit from there. Jude has a bad start with a lot of pain in her knees. At about 3500’ at her insistence, the others left her near a huge boulder where she could get out of the sun if need be. Being ahead of the group I didn’t realize at first she had stopped and I kept climbing. Later when I stopped to rest and the others caught up I realized she wasn’t with them, and she was carrying my food and water. Now this is no ones fault but my own, as I’m still carrying camera equipment instead of essentials, very foolish. I “borrowed” some water from Joan, of course it wasn’t really borrowing, as I had no way of paying it back on a mountainside. So she saved my butt, thanks Joan. Wanting to get to the summit and get back to Jude as fast as possible I got myself up to Osgood Junction, where I broke from the group and headed up to the summit, Joan and Joey waiting for Dan and Jenny and then following me up. The views were crystal clear and the scenery of the Northern Presidentials is awesome. Looking at Adams, Jefferson and across The Great Gulf Wilderness to Mount Washington is indescribable. After tagging the summit I passed the group on the way back down, and headed back down to Jude who I assumed had headed back down by now, but I found her where we had left her. After a big rest, a big drink and some food we headed down together, the rest of the group catching us near the bottom. It was a very tough climb, but the views were magnificent and we had a perfect day.

Mistakes on this trip.) The mistake of not carrying my own essentials I hope is becoming painfully obvious to you, because it took forever for me to catch on, don’t make this same mistake. I should have been carrying my own things, period. So should anyone else who ventures out on the trails in the White Mountains. Leaving Jude in a safe place was not a bad thing.in good weather, I would have not done it in bad weather. Her knowing she had reached her limit for that day was a good thing, and probably kept her out of real trouble. Know your limitations and do not push on if you are not on top of your game, a good lesson learned. There is no shame in not making it to a summit. Being hellbent on reaching the summit is foolish and can get you killed. Turn back or wait for the others to get back to you like Jude did is the best move to make if you’re not at your best. K(16) J(13)
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