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Trip 14 Mount Moosilaukee 4802’ 10/11/99

7.4 Miles 2450’ Elevation gain

Kevin and Judy

Taking Rte.112 west from North Woodstock, we get on Rte.118 towards Warren. After we go way up over the shoulder of the mountain and start down again, we turn right on Ravine Lodge Rd. The Gorge Brook Trail starts near the lodge at the end of the road. The climb is moderate but steady with good views as you rise above treeline and cross an alpine meadow well before reaching the summit. It is very exposed and offers little cover, and when we reach the summit we are greeted by a stiff steady breeze from the west, and although the actual temperature was in the fifties, the wind made it quite cold, and being sweaty from climbing combined with wind chill we found our body temperatures dropping rapidly. Following our plan to move south along the Moosilaukee Carriage Rd., we found we couldn’t get down into the scrub and out of the wind fast enough.When we finally did manage to get down out of the wind we realized we once again had been foolish by not carrying more warm clothing with us. We skipped going to South Peak as was the original plan, as neither of us wanted to be back up in the wind again, which was at least one good decision. Further down the mountain we got on the Snapper Trail which brought us back to the Gorge Brook Trail and back to the lodge, which belongs to the Dartmouth Outing Club, who also maintains the trails.

Mistakes on this trip.) Obviously we should have been better prepared for wind chill, especially not being familiar with the summit and whether it offered any shelter from the wind. We probably shouldn’t have gone across the ridge exposing ourselves to more wind, going back down the Gorge Brook Trail would have been the quickest way out of the wind. K(21) J(19)
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