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Trip 2 to Mount Moosilaukee 4802’ 11/18/01

7.4 miles 2450’ Elevation gain

Kevin Judy and Emma

This would be the second ascent of Mount Moosilaukee for Jude and I. We were climbing again for Emma’s list, silly, huh? Well, obviously we were serious at this point to get her through. Our previous climb was by the same trail two years before. That climb was in early October and yielded memories of being very cold on the summit and the ridge that we took back down due to a strong west wind. When you climb from the east, as on the Gorge Brook Trail, you are protected from that west wind . As soon as you crest the summit it can hit and cool you down real quick. Even though we came much better prepared this time as we should in mid November we were still caught in a very stiff breeze on the summit and were soon uncomfortable and had to move on. On both trips we headed south from the summit along the Moosilaukee Carriage Road. To do so one must cross a very exposed ridge for along stretch before it gets you back down into some very low trees which offer very little shelter until you get much lower on the trail. It does get you out of the wind some, but I’m sure it is very unforgiving terrain. Now down the trail further a side trail leads up to South Peak from which there are great views back to the summit of Moosilaukee, the Conneticutt River Valley to the west and Franconia Ridge to the east. The views were hazy again, but the summit had some snow piled around so Emma and I were happy. The stop at South Peak was more enjoyable as there was less wind and some nice sunshine. Emma hits thirty 4000 footers climbed on this trip. Tough little dog.
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