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Trip 12 Mount Pierce 4312’ and Mount Eisenhower 4760’ 8/?/99

8.2 Miles 3000’ Elevation gain

Kevin and Judy
Dan, Jeannie and Jane

We used two cars on this trip leaving one at the first parking lot on Mt. Clinton Rd. and the other up at the trailhead to the Edmands Path. Returning to the lower parking lot we started out on the Crawford Path for the summit of Mount Pierce. This trail is considered to be the oldest continually maintained footpath in America. Climbing past beautiful Gibbs falls it seems a pretty moderate but steady climb up to the point just below the summit of Pierce where it connects with the Webster Cliff trail. We turn South here and climb the 1/10th of a mile to the rock cairn which marks the summit. Low scrub blocks most of the views to the south but to the north Eisenhower, Monroe Washington and Jefferson loom among the clouds like the heads of great stone giants. On the summit we have our first encounter with Grey Jays, down from Canada to winter in the White Mountains. These bold birds will come right down and eat from your hand, no hesitation, unless you were Dan who was so excited he couldn’t be still enough to get them to land. Looking across at Eisenhower from here it looks very far away and very high. Climbing down to the col between the two peaks we soon find ourselves climbing up again. Although there are some steep parts, the trail overall is not difficult and we find ourselves at the summit of Eisenhower sooner than we expect. The views in all directions from this mountain are excellent. To the west and below is Bretton Woods and the Mount Washington Motel, to the south is Crawford Notch with views across Tom, Field and Willey to the Pemigewasset Wilderness, Mount Carrigain, The Hancocks, The Bonds with Franconia Ridge beyond. To the east is Mount Isolation and its lesser neighbors. And to the north the Cog Railway and its trains are clearly visible climbing to the towered summit of Mount Washington. A great mountain to stand on top of on a clear day! From the summit we start down to the col between Eisenhower and Franklin where the Edmands path comes up from below. We take this easy trail back to the car we left at the trailhead. Can’t say we made any mistakes this time, a great day in the mountains! K(18) J(15)
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