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Trip 18 Mount Tom 4051’, Mount Field 4340’ and Mount Willey 4285’ 7/4/00

10.1 Miles 2800’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy,
Jeannie, and Emma

You may have noticed from the dates that this trip will make ten mountains in eleven days, and some tough ones, too! Big deal you say? well it was to me! We start up from Crawford Depot, it is hot, humid and mostly overcast, though you can make out some of the surrounding mountains. Climbing up Judy is having a lot of pain and having trouble keeping up, so being the nice guy that I am, I chew her out for complaining so much. I’m surprised she didn’t turn around and go file for divorce at this point, but we slow the pace for her sake and continue up to the summit of Tom, which has some partial views of Carrigain and it’s surrounding mountains, but it is clouding up too much now to see the Bonds to our west, or even the Presidentials to our northeast. Now on the Willey Range Trail, Jude finds the going between mountains a little easier than actually getting up there, and we are soon over to Mount Field where we stop for some food and water. It’s pretty cloudy now and there’s no view, I doubt there would be a good one anyway as the summit is mostly treed. Now we begin the climb over to the also viewless summit of Mount Willey. A little ways past the summit there are some cliffs with a view of Crawford Notch, but the clouds obscured any good viewing. Now we had to make our way back over to Mount Field. Back at the summit of Field we follow our plan and take the Avalon Trail back down, with Jeannie, Emma and I making the short side trip to Mount Avalon, which probably offers the best views of all, but it was hard to tell on this day. From there it was all down and out. K(32) J(23) E(7)

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