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Return trip Middle Tripyramid 4140’ and North Tripyramid 4180’

12.1 miles 3000’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

Well, Emma’s down to six mountains and Judy’s down to four and yet again Jude’s got to return to some mountains so Emma can cross them off her list. This time it is a return to the dreaded Tripyramids.The first trip almost ended our mountain climbing careers before they even started. Luckily nothing drastic happened, but we made many foolish mistakes which you can read about in the the 10/12/97 trip report. There is a link below. This trip proved to be the opposite of the first. Instead of damp foggy weather with no views we had cool, crisp weather with excellent views. Instead of climbing South Slide over a peak that dosn’t count we came at it from the opposite direction by climbing the Scaur Ridge Trail which avoids the steep North Slide, although it has its own steep sections. I wasn’t my best on this trip and had some trouble getting to the summit of North Tripyramid, but I got some food and drink into me and felt much better as we climbed between North and Middle Tripyramid. Here we had intended to turn around and retrace our footsteps back down and out. This time we decided it was such a great day that it would be OK to continue on to South Tripyramid and descend by the South Slide, which we did. It turned out much easier to descend than we had thought, although care was still needed even in the good weather as there is much loose gravel and rocks. It is after all, a landslide. Also on this descent there were great views of Waterville Valley and its surrounding peaks, Sandwich Notch, Sandwich Dome and the Mad River, so it was well worth what little extra effort there might have been. Of course Emma got her forty-third and forty-fourth mountains and Jude had returned to yet another mountain she had sworn never to return to. We actually look forward now to going back again as this trip turned out so pleasant. Its funny how having the right conditions can change your whole perception of a place.

K(80) J(44) E(44)
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