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Trip 25 North Twin Mountain 4761’ and South Twin Mountain 4902’

11.2 Miles 3700’ Elevation gain

Dan, Jeannie, Kevin, Judy and Emma

Finally, we arrive at a trailhead with Judy and it’s beautiful weather. The trail ascends gradually at first, crossing the Little River and its tributaries several times. Then it turns west and begins to rise steeply to the summit, offering views to the northeast of Hale and the Presidentials. A spur path to the west leads to the top of some cliffs with great viws of Franconia Ridge, Garfield and Galehead below, and Owls Head, South Twin and the Bonds to the south. Following the North Twin Spur, the trail between summits is not difficult, and we soon rise to the summit of South Twin. There are outstanding three hundred and sixty degree views from here. The Twinway down to Galehead Hut looks like you would need a ladder to get there, so we don’t even think about it, and just take in the views. A glider passes overhead several times, and we can here the rush of the wind over its motorless wings. It rushes over again as we make the climb back to the north summit and begin our descent. On the way out we avoided a couple of river crossings by making the first crossing, then staying along that bank the rest of the way out. A great day in the mountains. Great views for minimum effort.
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