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Return trip to 7/27/02
Mount Washington 6288’

8.4 miles 4250’ Elevation Gain

Kevin & Emma

Emma had done some exploring on Mount Washington already, having climbed Huntington Ravine then taking the Alpine Garden Trail to the Tuckerman Crossover which we took across the Bigelow Lawn to the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds Hut and Mount Monroe. From there we returned by Tuckerman Crossover and descended by Tuckerman Ravine. On another trip she road with me as I brought my aunt and mother to the summit via the Auto Road. Emma and I hiked around the summit on that trip, but she had still to climb all the way to the summit. On this day the Mount Washington Observatory had it’s second annual “Seek the Peak” fundraiser hike. Emma raised a hundred and fifty bucks for the event. After receiving our goodie bag at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center where we registered and gave our raised funds, we began the climb up Tuckeman Ravine. It was foggy and wet. Views were very limited. You couldn’t even make out the surrounding walls of the ravine. As we rose up out of the bowl and began the ascent of the summit dome we were in heavy wet fog. The moss on the rocks has the same effect as ice when the rocks are wet from fog or rain. I slipped several times and scraped skin off on the rough rocks. On the way down I took a couple of good dixies and was lucky not to hurt myself badly. It was probably not a good idea to have a lot of inexperienced hikers on the mountain that day. Not that I’m very experienced, but if I was having so much trouble I could imagine what lesser skilled people were going through. I hope thet stayed lower on the mountain. On the summit I decided we should at least pop our heads in the observatory and say “Hi”. We took a very quick tour as Emma immediately sniffed out Nin the resident cat. The young girl intern was more upset by their meeting than Nin was, I guess she didn’t know Emma is afraid of cats. Trying to dry off in the State Park Cafeteria, Emma decided to take a tour of the kitchen, prompting the State Park manager Mike Pelchat to ask us to go down to the staging area where dogs are allowed. Mike dosen’t know me but I envy him. I’d like to have his hiking and mountain climbing skills and the ability to lead rescues in all weather by knowing those mountains like the back of my hand. When your job is up there I imagine you get a much more intimate knowledge (and respect) for the surrounding area. Although I knew of him and was already jealous of his job, I didn’t realize who he was that day. A couple of years later I met him for real and recognized him as the guy who laughed at Emma being in the kitchen and politely asked us to vacate to a more dog friendly area of the summit building. I’m sure if he saw me again tomorrow he wouldn’t know me from Adam, but he has my utmost respect for the work he does. On the way down I tried to slow myself down by photographing wildflowers and anything that stuck out of the fog. At the car Emma crawled under it and wouldn’t come out. I guess she wasn’t too thrilled with this wet trip to Mount Washington. After some nastiness I finally got her to get in the car to go home. This was the only time in all her mountain climbing she acted like this. She was back to her old self on the next trip. I think she missed Judy on this trip.

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