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Trip 3 Mount Washington 6288’ 8/18/98

10.2 miles 3900’ Elevation Gain

Kevin & Judy

Climbing on our second anniversary. Up the Jewell Trail to Gulfside Trail to summit. Great views, temps around 60! Very light breeze, never needed a sweatshirt, good thing, didn’t bring one. Not smart! Jude was thinking of taking Cog Railway down, but we ran into Fontaine and Pedro on the summit, who had done Huntington Ravine, and she felt she had to hike down to save face. Of course, once she saw the one way price for a ticket on the Cog, she would have hiked down anyway. We climbed back down the same way we came up.

Mistakes on this trip.) This time we picked a good trail for beginners, but in bad weather it is very exposed and we were still woefully unprepared and surviving on dumb luck. No raingear, not even a heavy shirt if I got cold, very risky. Very lucky the weather was excellent, but still tempting fate!
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