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Trip 27 Mount Waumbek 4006’ 6/19/01

7.2 miles 2500’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

We were having our June vacation at Moose Brook State Park in Gorham. we love it here in June as the campground is still empty because school isn’t out yet. The black flies can be bad, but it’s worth it to beat the crowds. We like to camp in the group area where there is a CCC shelter with a fireplace, and since the park is practically empty the rangers don’t mind. There are flush toilets and sinks down at the bathhouse, and if you want to you can go over to the main campground and take a hot shower. Jumping in the pond is great, but it is ice cold all year, even with the “warming pool” above. This is a shallow pond above the main pond that allows the sun to warm the water a little before entering the swimming pond. My guess is it raises the temperature about three degrees to 37 degrees Farenheit, but only in August. The only way up other than crossing the twenty mile Kilkenny Ridge Trail is the Starr King Trail, named after Thomas Starr King, afamous area writer, author of The White Hills and many other titles about life in New Hampshires White Mountains during the late 1800’s. It was hot the day we climbed, real hot for June in the mountains. The trail is easy, but it is a steady, moderate climb with no obstacles that I remember. Around two and a half miles you come out to the summit of Starr King, where you get the only real views on the climb, and even then they are only towards the Northern Presidentials. There are great views of Madison and Adams, but thats about all. Another mile along the trail brings you to the rock cairn marking the treed summit of Waumbek. There are actually some filtered views, but not really much to speak of. The day proved uneventful and we hardly saw anyone on the trail, just some birdwatchers near the beginning, I don’t think they even tried to summit. After climbing back down we went back to the camp for a swim. Yup, thirty seven degrees.
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