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Trip 5 Mounts Webster 3910’ and Jackson 4052’ 10/4/98

6.5 miles 2500’ Elevation gain

Kevin and Judy,
Pedro and Lourdes,
Jeannie and Dan

We went up Mount Webster by the Webster- Jackson Trail to Webster Cliff Trail over to Jackson and back down by Webster-Jackson. Jeannie was late because I sent her the long way around to get there. I left my mini binoculars on the roof of the car and drove over to the other parking lot to see if she was there. When I got back to the parking lot where we were still waiting we heard a big bang. An RV had run over my binoculars in the middle of Rte. 302. Hope it didn’t flatten his tire. I went and picked up the destroyed pieces in complete disgust with myself. Off to a good start, and it would get better. Jeannie showed up right after that, and we started off. We went right around tiny Saco Lake and back to the parking lot where we started. Well, I guess that’s not the trail. I looked around and found the right trail, and we started off again. I couldn’t believe Lourdes came back to hike again after Jefferson, but she did, and we were not exactly giving her reason to be confident in our abilities to get her up and down these mountains. Anyway, once we were on the right trail my fortune turned around and we had a great day hiking, although the group got seperated and some of us went right by Mt. Webster, but I soon realized this and those of us who missed it went back a short ways and tagged it, even though it is not a 4000 footer. Now we could see Bretton Woods below us in a beautiful crimson and gold valley, and above was Washington and the surrounding Presidentials with a new dusting of my favorite stuff. So glad we all got to see this glorious fall day in the mountains, as Jefferson offered us no views the day we climbed it. Lots of rock scrambling to come down the Webster- Jackson Trail from the summit of Jackson. I was glad we went up Webster first.

Mistakes on this trip.) Of course leaving my binoculars on the roof was a big one. Don’t rush, you forget things. And of course starting out on the wrong trail was a good one, too. Again, it was a matter of not becoming completely familiar with the trails on the mountain, but luckily we soon realized our mistake and we were able to recover. I’m still carrying a camera bag and not enough clothing, food or water. It got very cold on Jackson as a stiff wind blew on us from the west, to which we were exposed.
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