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Beech Mountain 841' Acadia N.P.

Ship Harbor Loop Hike

Kevin, Judy and Emma

Using Camden Hills as a base camp, we made a day trip up to Acadia to do some hiking. The drive is kind of long, but we drive further to the mountains from home, so easily forgotten. It was 85 miles from Camden, then 85 miles back to our campsite that afternoon, but well worth it. We went to climb in some different places than when we had been here before. First, we made the short climb to Beech Cliff Loop, from there we took the Canada Cliff Trail along those cliffs. This trail links with the Valley Trail which we followed south to its junction with South Ridge where we turned back north and followed this trail to the summit of Beech Mountain. There is a fire tower here, and it was kind of crowded so we didn't stick around. from here it's a short hike back down to the parking area. Back in the car we travelled south on Rte 102 down to Bass Harbor Light for a quick walk, and from there we went over to Ship Harbor where there is a nice walk along a small inlet which is quite beautiful. The trail goes out to the ocean beside the cove and back through the woods, making a nice loop to hike on mostly flat trails. There are a few slight dips and rises, but very insignificant. On the ride back north across the island we stopped at the AMC Echo Lake Camp where there is a great place to swim in nice clear water. The drive back to Camden was more bearable after this, as it was quite hot this day. all in all I was glad we did it. Jude and Emma probably could have done without the long drive, but enjoyed the hiking and the views, so didn't complain much.

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