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Trip to Mount Aziscohos 3215’
Lincoln, Maine 10/7/01
4.2 miles
Kevin Judy and Emma, Jane and Paul

There is nothing like going to Rangeley in early October. Driving up Rte 16 through Pinkham Notch, through Berlin and up through Erroll, into the Great North Woods, past Lake Umbagog and into Maine can be exhilirating in itself. There are quicker ways to get there, but this is probably the most scenic. The foliage can be breathtaking, and you may get the added pleasure of seeing snow on the higher peaks as you pass through Pinkham Notch and the northern towns. Oh yes, and moose. We always see moose going this way. Saturday we decided to climb this small mountain and we were rewarded with excellent views. Although we could not see to the horizon there were interesting cloud formations and squalls all about us. The foliage below us would shine bright and then darken as the passing clouds slipped between the sun and earth. The air was quite cold, winter was pulling in to stay in that part of New England. There was another couple with a little girl on the summit and they seemed to be enjoying the nature show as much as we were. From the summit you can see fifteen different lakes in the area. As we stood and took it all in we spotted the most amazing sight of several flocks of Snowgeese in formation coming in to spend the night on one of the lakes. As this was happening the wind stiffened and we withstood a tiny squall. Just enough to sting our faces with it’s frozen offerings, the first of the season, then it passed, like the geese. In these few moments we all felt the spirirtual uplift of witnessing the onset of winter, flown in on the wings of the Snowgeese. In these few moments we noted the passing of time, of the seasons, the days of our lives, and with these things revealed to us by Mother Nature we felt comfortable with our tiny connection with the universe. It seemed all was right with the world, and we realized how priveledged we were to be able to be included in all of this. Experiences like this can cleanse the spirit, give you the strength to push on. We felt blessed to have witnessed winters arrival, and were now ready to face it, though we knew not what lay ahead. Overnight and next day brought rain, but it could not dampen our spirits and we decided to hike into Angel Falls. Very beautiful waterfalls accentuated by brilliant foliage. The rain helped the falls work their magic on us, and again Mother Nature gave us our moneys worth. An easy hike with great reward for little effort.
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