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2000 OK, another winter and spring with no climbing over 4000’ and we’re itching to go. I start to move ahead toward reaching the goal of all 48, neither of us thinking we would ever really finish, and Jude deciding that if I wanted to go for it I might as well, as she didn’t think that she would ever finish them all. So between June 24th and July 4th I “bagged” ten peaks, only three with Jude, although she made the final trip of the season with us on an exhausting, wet trek to Owl’s Head. Also, another important member joined our group of climbers, and we quickly learned we would never keep up with this one.

Mount Megunticook 1380’

3 Miles 1380’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

This is Emma’s first shot at “mountain climbing” and she was raring to go. It was a simple climb in the packed snow and though we were unsure how she would do she proved to be much hardier than we had imagined, soon convincing us that the leash was a dumb idea on the trail. All she wanted to do was run and have fun, and we soon got used to her being loose. Her intelligence is becoming more obvious all the time. This was a hop, skip and a jump even for us and we were soon at the summit taking in the beautiful view of Penobscot Bay and its islands and harbors, with Camden and Mount Battie below us. What a great place for an easy winter climb!

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