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Trip 2 to Tecumseh 4003’ 11/25/01

5 miles 2200’ Elevation gain

Kevin, Judy and Emma

The next weekend we went up for another repeat, this time to Mount Tecumseh. The weather was miserable on this trip. Even though it never rained the air was saturated with moisture and it was like being in the rain. The forest was soaked and views were limited to a few hundred feet at best, and much less than that in spots. The summit of Tecumseh being wooded and mostly viewless anyway made this a good choice to do on a day like this. Emma sprinted to the top as though it was flat ground, as usual. In doing so she gained her thirty first 4000 footer. Poor Jude, only eight away and here she is repeating mountains so her dog can get her patch, too. I will add the repeats to her totals when she finishes her forty eight. Sometime I would like to repeat this mountain on a crystal clear day to see what views there are, as I have seen nothing on both trips. Also, on both trips we have climbed from the Waterville Valley Ski Area parking lot. Next time we should try climbing the trail from Tripoli Road.
K(61) J(40) E(31)
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