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Trip 9 Mount Tecumseh 4003’ 7/?/99

5 Miles 2200’ Elevation Gain

Kevin and Judy

Well, we had to get right back on the horse after our failure to summit at Katahdin. We thought another “easy’ one was a good idea, especially for Jude, who really hasn’t had a lot of fun on any of the trips yet. Starting at the ski area parking lot we took the Mount Tecumseh Trail to the summit. It is a moderate climb and offers views only when the trail gets close enough to the ski trail to poke your head out of the woods and look around. Views are southeast toward the Tripyramids, but we didn’t see much that day as it was foggy yet again. The wooded summit was also clouded in so camera equipment was extraneous on this trip. Thousands of pale Indian Pipes along the trail gave the woods a ghostly beauty. My grandmother called them Ghost Flowers. She would have been in awe to see so many, as I was. K(13) J(11)
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